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an inspiring landmark of our city." Intended as a tourist attraction, "the world's tallest history book," the totem pole was commissioned by the City of Victoria, but paid for with private donations. Chief Mungo Martin carved "The World's Tallest History Book" Totem Pole in 1955 from a gigantic 50 m tall cedar tree that had been felled near Muir Creek in Sooke and towed by tugboat to Victoria. It was dedicated on 30 June 1956 by the 76 year old Kwakiutl Chief and carver who gave a speech in his native Kwakwala Burial Grounds located in the native village of 'Yalis (colonial name is Alert Bay) on Cormorant Island off the coast of Vancouver Island. The twelve metre pole was commissioned to mark the 250th anniversary of the world's oldest zoo....

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