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Imagine my surprise, then, when I came back from a three-week vacation out of the country with no cell service or Internet and found out through one of my best friends that the straightedge boyfriend I left behind was long gone. I got physically ill when I heard that news, and night after night we fought until he finally broke up with me.

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I’d only had one boyfriend before him, and it was really only a relationship in name (we never even kissed).In the beginning, he clearly liked me way more than I liked him, so I got annoyed with his clinginess and broke up with him (through IM) a few months after we started dating.I cried all night long and immediately apologized the next day, so we made up (through IM). His entire group of friends HATED me and pressured him daily to dump me.I did love Tom, and I enjoyed hanging out with him when we weren’t fighting or passive-aggressively expressing our frustrations with one another.I think that I was probably more afraid of breaking up, however, because it meant I’d lose a boyfriend, not that I’d lose Tom.Anyway, this is the point in our relationship that we’d get in weekly fights (through IM) that almost always ended in near-breakups.


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