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A €50 deposit she paid to join Intro Matchmaking was returned after she raised questions with Feargal Harrington, the owner, about the number of disabled clients on his books.The agency, which featured on The Late Late Show in October, promises clients…Yoon Yi-Seol who has just been introduced in ep.4 looks lovely and intriguing and hopefully will continue to be so as well.

Lee Jong Hyuk fits the role so well and I love him as an actor, so I'm enjoying it so far. i really dislike the lead man lee jong hyuk- just too old, and really bad in gentlemans dignity..

Although the main actress is younger than the lead actor, it doesn't really make you feel uncomfortable. They actually look like they're just in the same age ISH x D. The concept of this drama is intriguing, enough so that I'd want to actually be a part of a team that did this, since I so believe in love and not just romantic love, but in the broadest sense as well. I do get annoyed when they do scenes like they did when Jong-Hyuk fell in the water.

:) And one more thing, if there are any Filipinos out there reading this... However this drama is great ^^ for me Sooyoung is the best actress ever! I just watched ep02 and for me both of them are acting very well and love the pairing.. The movie had a few things in it, that I think could've been added to this drama, but overall, the movie seemed like a precursor to this drama.

She lost both cases at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) where an adjudicator ruled she was not discriminated against because of her lack of sight.

Kane, 64, alleged that Two’s Company and Intro Matchmaking refused to take her on after discovering she was blind in 2016.


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