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After his father's death, Al reminisces about him from time to time and still tries to talk to him, even seeing him as a ghost in his living room in Desperately Seeking Miss October and hearing his voice from the afterlife when he's about to tear down his room in If Al Had A Hammer.Likewise, in the early seasons, Al would think about conversation he had with his mother when he was younger, before realizing how much of a drunk she was.To try and teach him a lesson, Miss De Groot agreed to let Al check out one more book, specifically, The Little Engine that Could, which Al in turn, held onto for thirty years before he attempted to return the book unnoticed to avoid paying fines. Polk High School and was considered a top athlete, playing fullback for the football team and earning the nickname "Touchdown Bundy". His greatest achievement in high school was scoring four touchdowns in a single game against Andrew Johnson High at the High School City Championship in 1966.

In various episodes, its implied that Al was forced into marrying Peg at some point after high school.

Al then says that by the time his dad returned from the war, he was traumatized and left wheelchair bound, only able to communicate by blinking.

But, deep down, Al knew his dad was proud of him for carrying on the Bundy tradition of getting mad AND getting even, and now Al was proud of Bud for carrying on the tradition.

In Grime and Punishment, after Bud successfully blackmails Al for being a slumlord, Al reminisces about his father, referring to him as a "sweet guy" who sold Al's Schwinn bicycle "for the price of a drink".

He then got revenge on his father by enlisting him in the U. Army and getting him sent off to fight in the Korean war.


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