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Google is pitching this as a way to seamlessly dive into a call without the awkwardness of asking whether or not the other person can see you.It only works with numbers saved in your contacts, so it’s impossible for strangers or unwanted callers to reach you through Knock Knock.The one capability that separates Duo from most video calling apps is a feature Google calls Knock Knock.This lets the recipient see a live video of the caller before answering.But Duo is only available on mobile devices, unlike Hangouts, which can be used on both desktop and mobile.Google says it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing Duo to the desktop, but it’s focusing on mobile for now.

to many individuals around the globe to hook up with each other well.Google is a powerhouse when it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence; I’d love to see the company leverage that technology in Duo.There’s opportunity to use machine learning to translate speech in real time when chatting with someone in a different language, like Skype does.The last thing I’d want is to see my caller poking and prodding at their screen or reading something else while we’re in the middle of a conversation.Conclusion While Duo’s simplicity is what makes it appealing, it would benefit from a few additions.Our own Chatroom is not merely intended for Pakistani as well as Lahori’s most people, but because well as surviving persons in the united kingdom, United states, CANADA, INDIA and throughout the world.


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