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Regardless of who your choice for the King is, chances are they have a spot in the newly founded Hall of Fame, which shows off the best of the best and what they've done to leave their mark in Pokemon history.—antemortem Season 6 of Battle Spot has started and with that comes a new Special ruleset, with this season being Battle Spot Singles Under Used!In this workshop, members of the room's staff will build teams using certain predetermined cores for a few hours, and will discuss how to build around them and use them effectively.

In entrambi i casi è necessario inviare: il manoscritto (completo o parziale) e una scheda di presentazione (sinossi, bio autore, altre eventuali spiegazioni).The winners will receive spots on the room's website and roomintro where their photos can be seen and may also be considered for room voice!—sir Donovan There will be an OU teambuilding workshop in the Competitive Tutoring room on Sunday, 22 October, at 10 am EST.Keep an eye open for signups and see if you have what it takes to win the inaugural edition of this new official tournament!—teal6 There will be an OU team rating workshop in the Rate My Team room on Saturday 5 August at 8 pm GMT-4.The Tournaments room will be hosting the Tours' Leaderboard Tournament!


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