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Some of the last labels have the word orthophonic to the left of the spindle hole as they switched over to electric recording in 1925. Two additional examples show speeches by British royalty with their pictures on the label.As the electric era kicked in Victor changed the labels once again to the "Scroll" label, which ran from 1926-1937.The earliest variety has the catalog number on the bottom.It would soon move to the right of the hole and the words "Orthophonic Recording" would remain left of the hole.Earliest issues show "Victor" in the side of the machine, 1914-1915.Also, after 1919 the price was dropped from the left side of the label. The examples below demonstrate these changes through the various colors, black, red, purple and blue.

There is much published about them so I will not attempt to tell the story here. Note on both records the "lease agreement" on top half of the label. Next up that I have is the "Trademark" label with two examples (left).

There are some slight variances in these that will help date them.

The first ones started with five lines of patent information along the bottom half of the record.

There are numerous minor modifications to the label which I don't account for with these.

There's gold writing and silver writing amongst the variations which I don't both with although there are examples of both.


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