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Diary.2.1999Liebesgru Be aus der Lederhose Teil 3 (1977) DVDRip Information About movie: Title: Greetings from the leather pants 3 Original title: Liebesgru Be aus der Lederhose Teil.3 - Sexexpress aus Oberbayern Year: 1977 Genre: Erotica, Comedy Director: Gunter Otto Starring: Peter Steiner, Franz Myukseneder, grew Mayr, Judith Fritsch, Helga Koenig, Erich Klaiber, Jean Droz, Max Montavon About movie: Continuation of a series of classic erotic movie 70's and 80's, in which interwoven comedy and a soft erotic search for those years.Two small town Almendigen Entenbach and should become part of the community, which is not acceptable neither one nor the other, as the old enmity exists between the inhabitants of ...Counselors found them and wanted to withdraw, but by coincidence out of the cave is blocked, and nothing else to do, they start telling each other stories about their first sexual experience ...Country: United States Length: Translation: Two-voice File Quality: DVDRip Format: AVI Size: 745 MB Password: Issued: Japan Duration: Translation: Two Voices File Quality: DVDRip Format: AVI Video: Xvid 640x480 29.97fps 1714kbps Audio 1: MP3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps (Russian) Audio 2: MP3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps (Japanese) Size: 877MB Password: Pussy.2004Madchen, die sich selbst bedienen (1974) DVDRip Information about the film: Title: Self Service Girls / Madchen, die sich selbst bedienen Girls on the original self-service Year: 1974 Genre: Erotic, Comedy Director: Erwin C.Mistresses begin to remind him of his long-tormented nightmare about his killing witches.Issued: USA, Fully sounds: Translation: Original File: Acoustic level: AVI Quality: DVDRip Video: 640x480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, Xvi D MPEG-4 ~ 1159 kbps avg, 0.13 bit / pixel Audio: 48 k Hz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.00 kbps avg Weighs: 697 MB Password:

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Henry gets all in a beautiful cave, where they remain.The Sinful Bed (1973) DVDRip Title: Sinful Bed Original title: Das sundige Bett / The Sinful Bed Year: 1973 Genre: Erotica, Comedy Directed by: Ralf Gregan Starring: Gunther Kieslich, Judith Fritsch, Vanessa von Brandenburg, Dorothea Thiel, Ute Vehse, Renate Heuer, Hans Jochmann, Rena Bergen About movie: A young couple in love, got tired of making love on a mattress lying on the floor, so they decided to buy a krovat.Pridya in an antique store, they chose an old bed, with all of this and nachalos. All you get up on it since the early 20th century ...Dietrich Starring: Britt Corvin, Kenita Flynn, Christa Free, Roman Huber, Rolf Haubi, Kurt Meinicke, Tiara Moana, Steffi Yagmetti About the film: Fashion model, who starred in the style of "nude", Christine arrives in Denmark to start a new life.There she falls in love with a photographer, but it still accounted for leisure wild orgies and narkovecherinki.Dietrich Starring: Claus Jurichs, Ingrid Steeger, Herbert Kluever, Rena Bergen, Margit Cizek, Kathrin Heberle, Bernd Wilczewski, Margrit Siegel, Wolf Fuchs, Evelyne Traeger About movie: Fun story filled with traditional sex from the master of the genre Erwin Ditriha. Issued: Germany (FRG), Switzerland Length: 0153 Translation: the original (German) File Quality: DVDRip Format: DIVX Video: Div X 5 720x400 25.00fps 1099kbps Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 80kbps Size: 667MB Password: Diary 2 (1999) DVDRip Information about the film: Title: Diaries 2 Original title: The Diary 2 Year: 1999 Genre: Erotica, drama, romance Directed by: Nicolas Weber Cast: Lila Baumann, Jason Davis, Kirsty Smith, Christopher O'Loflin, Kestrel Boyle, Maria Gleikh, Sedrik Garcia, Kelly Priestley, Adam Ashford, Nikki Inwood About the film: Jeffrey is slowly recovering from his attempts samoubiystva. Anna together with Lisa go to Paris to earn money ...


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