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But in 2013, with fewer teaching hours, rising housing costs and a recent divorce that hurt her financially, she said she began searching Craigslist for part time work and decided to try bikini modeling to supplement her income.On one modeling job, she said the client asked her if she would exchange sex for money. “And it was a very easy transition into that.” Using an alias, she created a profile on a prostitution website offering sex for 0 per hour. I had control over my life and I had options.” In November of 2013, she was contacted through the website by Sean Saxon, a Denver attorney who specialized in drug and medical device litigation. Although the relationship began as an escort-client relationship, within a short time it turned romantic. He was very curious and asked me a lot of questions,” said Dildine.

Everyone needs to do something — everyone,” she said emphatically.

Dildine broke off the relationship and asked Saxon to leave her alone.

She says he refused, continuing to stalk her and threaten her with exposure.

Eventually, Saxon followed through on his threats, sending a letter to Dildine’s mother and father, brother and other relatives describing her life as a prostitute, including revealing sexual photos of her, and online reviews of her sexual services.

He sent the same packet to her classmates and teacher at a Denver aesthetician school she attended, describing her as “a mid- level prostitute. I thought it was too big to keep going.” Dildine considered suicide.


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